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We are delighted to bring you the Dr. InBae Yoon Spark!Lab Invention Challenge, designed to ignite the inventive spirit in children ages 5-18 and provide a hands-on opportunity to invent. The goal of the Challenge is to teach and engage young people in the process of inventing, opening their eyes to a new way to view and tackle everyday problems in the world around them. With your help, we’re training the next generation of inventors to look beyond what exists for better solutions and empowering them to recognize that they can generate those solutions!

Engage your student(s) with a fun, project-based platform to integrate STEM skills and demonstrate their creativity. Teach about the invention process using ready-made resources and communicate with experts at Smithsonian to help your students create an invention that enhances the daily lives and activities of older adults.

Teachers and students tell us that the Challenge is one of the most interesting and educational activities of their year.

To participate, simply follow the steps below to guide your students in creating their inventions and submitting their entry by April 5, 2019.

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Ready to Get Started?  Follow the steps below!

Step 1:

Why Participate?

  • Full turnkey curriculum with all the assets you need to support your student(s)
  • Project-based opportunity to integrate and apply STEM skills
  • Direct access to Smithsonian expertise

Step 2:

Review Teacher Guide and Get Started!

You asked for it, and here it is! It’s everything you need to know to teach and participate in the Challenge, in one, easy-to use, printable document!

Review the Parent/Teacher Challenge Guide for 2019 and learn how to support your student(s) in creating and submitting their inventions!

Step 3:

Teach the Invention Process

Use the step-by-step video lessons to teach your students about the 7 steps of the Invention Process!

Invention Process


Step 1: Think It

Step 2: Explore It

Step 3: Sketch It

Step 4: Create It

Step 5: Try It

Step 6: Tweak It

Step 7: Sell It

Step 4:

Hear from Teachers and Homeschool Parents

What teachers are saying....


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Step 5:

Submit Your Entries

Use this checklist to make sure you’re ready to Submit your Entry!

Submissions due in...


Teacher Resources

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