Welcome, Young Inventors! We’re excited to see your inventions and how they help improve access to healthy food for everyone, everywhere, every day.

Entering the Challenge is easy. Simply follow the steps below to create your entry and make sure to submit it by 11:59 pm EST on June 19, 2020.

Step 1: Watch This Video to Get Inspired

Step 2: Watch These Videos to Learn the 7-Step Process

Introduction to the Invention Process
Step 1 - Think It
Step 2 - Explore It
Step 3 - Sketch It
Step 4 - Create It
Step 5 - Try It
Step 6 - Tweak It
Step 7 - Sell It

Step 3: Review the Entry Guide and Official Rules

Learn about each step of the process, and all of the fun and hard work that goes into inventing.

Download the Entry Guide

Download the Official Rules

Step 4: Document Your Progress Through The 7-Step Invention Process

Take Notes and Make Drawings
Take Pictures
Record Audio and Video

Step 5: Finalize Your Entry

Organize your documentation using our PowerPoint template, or create your own video.
(All files must be under 2GB)

Step 6: Submit Your Entry By 11:59 pm (ET) On June 19, 2020!

Download and complete a Parent Consent Form (one for each entrant).

Take a Cover Photo of the inventor(s). Photos should show the face of each inventor.

Gather your entry file, Parent Consent Form(s), and Cover Photo, and go to the Submit Page!

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